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January 30, 2007

Presenting at the London Search Engine Strategies Conference

Top niche conferences are the best places to start sales cycles. I will be contributing my bit to the Enclick sales effort at the London Search Engine Strategies conference. I will be presenting tips on exploiting European Shopping Search opportunities.

My presentation is derived from the whitepaper Are you Making The Most of Shopping Portals ? (PDF file). The message is

The "search tail" is often under-exploited by merchants. Most merchants own product data that can be turned into a "quick-win" in search marketing terms. My advice is get (1) "your data out" and (2) filter and push your data to the head of the search. Often the most popular and profitable keyword emerges from the tail; all a question of finding it and promoting it to the main page.

A large database of product information is worth its weight in gold in search marketing terms. Learn to exploit it and you will improve both search head and search tail. I have analytics for a shopping site (shopping.enclick.com) that started using dynamic top 10 list of products and categories based on measuring search traffic to the site.

In essence, data feed marketing is the next generation marketing channel. Send me an email, (paul dot elosegui at enclick dot com) if you want to meet up.

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January 23, 2007

Wikipedia Renages on Attribution by Using the "nofollow" Tag in Outbound Links

Wikipedia is the online public domain encyclopedia, which has recently surpassed all commercial Encyclopedia services, like Encyclopedia Brittanica. In an effort to combat spammers who edit encyclopedia entries with external links in order to gain Google“s PageRank favour, has implemented the "nofollow" tag on all external links.

Wikipedia has succumbed to this controversial measure, just like all blog services, the blog search engine technorati, and the social filtering site del.icio.us. The measure was originally proposed by Google to remove the incentive for spammers to add bogus comments to blogs in an effort to increase banklinks to their spam site.

The "nofollow" tag disables the link in question from Google's algorithm, basically announcing to search engines that "this-is-not-a-good-link"; the tag removes any PageRank assignment for that link. Google first proposed the "nofollow" for fighting spam on blog comments and trackbacks. Spammers cannot leach pagerank from high PR blogs with automated comment generators.

The measure is a double edged sword for Google though. Google relies on counting links to a website to judge its importance. If webmasters use "nofollow" links widely, Google will have no links to count. The concept behind their algorithm looses power.

The "nofollow" tag also goes against the central principle of attribution, which plays the role of currency in the creative commons and open source ecologies. Given that wikipedia lives because of the sharing economy, the decision could be critical.

Linking out of wikipedia provides full attribution to its sources and providers of information; short changing on attribution is a dangerous move.

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January 11, 2007

One in Ten Pizzas Ordered Online at Domino Pizzas

domino pizza
Domino Pizza's sold £20.1 million (&euro 30 million) online during 2006. Its e-commerce orders were the fastest growing channel to market and attracted record numbers of new customers as well as delivering an average ticket value that is typically 25% higher than orders placed by phone. E-commerce sales grew by 43.8% in 2006 in the UK

Domino is also preparing its mobile ecommerce platform. It expects text message orders will also drive sales growth in the future, as the coming teenage demographic use always-on broadband and text rather than voice phones.

Domino pizza media center.

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January 8, 2007

Ecommerce Risk Reduced to Zero with PayPal Virtual Credit Card

Though security and risk worries are becoming a thing of the past for online shoppers, Paypal has just introduced the ultimate security solution; a debit card for your paypal account.

Hundreds of millions of shoppers using their paypal account to ensure security on their ebay purchases can now use their paypal accounts for all purchases. With the new debit card number associated ot their paypal accounts, shoppers can use this new "paypal credit card" to shop safely on all retailers accepting credit cards.

Paypal accounts are designed with online fraud protection, since they can only be used online. Paypal guarantees fraud protection and polices its account transaction proactively. Online security is heightened by technical encryption and authentication technologies, over and above the standard secure transaction page.

Paypal's new innitiative to improve consumer confidence online should have higher impact in countries where confidence is still low. The value is limited in the UK and US where credit card companies and major banks have dedicated online fraud units, and confidence is high.

PayPal Virtual Debit Card FAQs - PayPal

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January 6, 2007

Bricks and Mortars Retailers Turning to Online Sales to Save their Business

A quarter of all electrical goods sold over Christmas were bought online, according to Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG). IMRG also said that online now accounts for 10% of total retail sales in the UK, compared to just 0.5% in 2000.

"From talking to our members, my guess is consumers will have spent £3.7bn (€5.55bn) online just in December ... This has definitely been an online Christmas. We think 25 million people are now shopping online and the spike that we see at Christmas is huge. Everything combines to push people to internet shopping over the period - bad weather, bulk buying, the inconvenience of transport ...", James Roper, chief executive for IMRG

Wrapped gifts was another category of massive growth this year, up 150 percent year-on-year. On commodity products that have little differentiation, shoppers search for best prices using price comparison engines like Enclick best price search.

Statistics released by online shoppers are impressive:

  1. John Lewis saw its online sales soar 60% in December
  2. Online sales at Tesco soared by more than 30%
  3. 1.3 million shoppers ordered groceries and Christmas gifts through Tesco.com
  4. Tesco Wine Club delivered 80,000 orders in time for Christmas, up 50% since last year
  5. Amazon, the number one etailer in the UK, sold 4 million orders on its busiest day, December 11.
  6. Next Directory's sales (50% of which are estimated to be online) rose by 9.3

Offline, high-street sales are loosing market share. HMV and Woolworths both issued profit warnings at the beginning of December, and Mr Ratner of the Retail Consortium, said their Christmas trading updates were likely to be bad. Next's retail division, saw underlying sales in the 308 stores slump by 6.9 per cent from 31 July to 24 December.

The solution is online; Marks & Spencers is making a concerted effort to increase its online sales. Stuart Rose, M&S's chief executive, wants to increase internet sales from £100m to £500m by overhauling its website.

Marks & Spencers datafeed has improved in quantity and quality recently, as it distributes its products among shopping portals. Retailers are embracing internet shopping portals as distribution partners. For the high-street retailers, the Enclick shopping compares prices on the following number of products:

  • Woolworths: 273,000 products
  • John Lewis: 19,000 products
  • Marks & Spencers 9300 products
  • Littlewoods: 10,500 products

The enclick data feed marketing team is in high demand, helping retailers market their inventories online.

Many bricks and mortars high-street retailers are all turning to Online Sales to save their businesses. Who would have said ?

[Disclosure: we are invested in Enclick Ltd]

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