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Yell Limited have accused Yellowikis of "Passing Off". The largest publisher of yellow pages directories in the world have written to Paul Youlten (co-founder of Yellowikis) saying they believe Yellowikis is

"plainly purporting to be associated with (Yell)" and "this amounts to a misrepresentaion... which may result in third parties associating (Yellowikis) with our client (Yell)" ... "The continued presence in the market of your website will cause substantial damage to (Yell's) good will and reputation".

Yell's solicitors are demanding that:
  • the Yellowikis site is shut down
  • control and ownership of the domain name is passed to Yell
  • compensation is paid to Yell for loss of profits
  • Paul and Rosa agree never to set up another competitor to Yell

In true creative commons style, Rosa & Paul Rousen are raising funds to cover the legal fees to fight's cease and desist threat. As of today, they have covered over £1000 of the £1750 needed to cover.

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