Net Neutrality fight continues
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The war between large telecom corporation interest and society interests continues. Battles are joined on a wide front, principally in the states where the commercial and society interests are most salient.

The week opened with a set back House rejects Net neutrality rules . But the effort on public interests behalf is widening. Google, MSN, Yahoo and now eBay are but a few of the players who have joined the fight.

As the final House vote earlier this week drew closer, lobbyists and CEOs from both sides began stepping up the pressure. eBay CEO Meg Whitman e-mailed more than a million members, urging them to support the concept, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Wednesday called on his company's users to follow suit.

The fight continues however. Net neutrality's crowded field

Bill number Lead sponsor(s) What it proposes Status
S.2360 Wyden (D) No two-tier Internet Still in Senate committee
S.2917 Snowe (R) and Dorgan (D) No two-tier Internet Just introduced
HR5417 Sensenbrenner (R) and Conyers (D) Antitrust extended to Net neutrality Awaiting House floor vote
HR5273 Markey (D) No two-tier Internet Still in House committee *
HR5252 Barton (R) and Rush (D) FCC can police complaints Net neutrality rejected
S.2686 Stevens (R) and Inouye (D) FCC will do a study Senate committee vote expected in June

Source: CNET research

While the initial debate was on whether broadband providers could block certain Web sites, it has moved on to whether they should be permitted to create a "fast lane" that could be reserved for video or other specialized content. But as Google's Brin stated, there can't be a fast lane without a slow lane.

Debate will no doubt rage on evolving issues.

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