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Simon Willison, openID founder evangelist, gave an exciting presentation at the Future of Web Apps yesterday. OpenID is an open source login standard that is getting viral adoption. Simon expressed surprise at the number of services taking openID in the last three weeks; AOL, Symantec and Microsoft. That is a hundred million subscribers just there. Bill Gates' endorsement must be any viral marketers dream influencer. Specially with Bill Gates' strong pro-identity (senderID) work in the anti-spam community.

I find the openID whitelisting for spam elimination the most exciting. Finally, a viable mechanism to eliminate email and comment spam. OpenID finally adds one of the key pieces to the online reputation mechanism. This in turn fills a big hole in building communities online.

There remains Google's endorsement


In Spain, Weblogssl, the most important blog network, with more than 5 million unique users/month announced last week that they will use Openid for their comments.

Digg will do it in a few months

OpenId is becoming the defacto identification standard.

Hi Paul - thanks for the write-up! One correction though: I'm not the 'founder' of OpenID - that distiction goes to Brad Fitzpatrick, who is also created of LiveJournal and a bunch of other cool stuff.

I'm not actually officially involved with OpenID at all, other than thinking it's a really great idea.


my apologies; me and my mouth. But, with presentations like Wednesday's, you should be officially involved with openID. You are a natural born evangelist.

Let me amend with a link to Brad Fitzpatrick's OpenID system launched - The Social Software Weblog

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