2006 the year of Peer to Peer power
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Free computing and free storage on the net. Dave Winer, one of the creators of the whole RSS movement, gives us an example of the payoff in keeping the net neutral. The dream of free network computing and network storage accessible for all takes a step closer. Dave predicts 2006 will be the breakthrough year. Place a file on your web page, and your users can download it with no bandwidth cost to you. How ? the bittorrent network.

Dave predicts, all browsers will allow transparent bittorrent download of files by the end of the year. Amazon will lead the way,

Amazon ships S3, a public utility storage system, with native, automatic BitTorrent support. You can access any object in the the S3 store through BitTorrent as easily as you access it over HTTP. All the details are taken care of automatically. This is the prototype for server-side BitTorrent support — completely automatic and transparent. Next steps for BitTorrent.

Free computing and free storage are around the corner. An example of the potential provided by net neutrality

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