Judge Denies Bulk Emailers Motion Against Spamhaus
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Following on from Illinois Courts verdict against anti-spamming organization, Spamhaus, Judge Charles Kocoras has rejected the bulk emailer's motion to shutdown the spamhaus.org domain. The shutdown was deemed "too broad to be warranted in this case", and that unproportional effects could be caused by suspending Spamhaus' service.

In a Court statement, Kocoras said,

"The suspension would cut off all lawful online activities of Spamhaus via its existing domain name, not just those that are in contravention of this Court's order."

"While we will not condone or tolerate noncompliance with a valid order of this court, neither will we impose a sanction that does not correspond to the gravity of the offending conduct,"

The amount of spam being stopped through Spamhaus' widely used ROCSO spammer list tops 50 billion messages a day. The estimate is based on the spam filtered by ISP and webmail services using the ROCSO list of spammer IP addresses. Suspension of Spamhaus' ROCSO service would seriously jepordize internet's anti-spam infrastructure.

The bulk email defendant was dissappointed by the rejection of one of his motions. e360 chief David Linhardt branded Spamhaus as "a fanatical, vigilante organisation that operates in the United States with blatant disregard for US law".

Meanwhile the rest of the interent community stands relieved by the courts accounting for the international context of the case. The case continues.

[Via SecuriTeam Blogs Spamhaus Update: Judge Denies e360’s Requested Relief

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