Scoble Reaches Mainstream Readers Finally
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Robert Scoble, famous Microsoft blogger finally sees his book "Naked Conversations" selling in numbers. Published in January, with great blogosphere A-list support and promotion, it is only now selling in numbers, ranking 500th in Amazon. His explanation, I am reaching the mainstream

Back in January, our publisher, Robert and I were hearing a phenomenal amount of praise and we thought we had hit it out of the park. In fact, we were hearing the amplification of an echo chamber that we had warned about in Naked Conversations and we had merely made it to first base.

What's happening now is that the word of mouth engine has motored past blogging's inner circle. And that is helping us tremendously. What I also think is impacting us is a Long Tail factor, a book who's strong takeoff is anything but long ail behavior.

From Naked Conversations: Naked Conversations: A Long Tail Case Study?.

Scoble's book is finally reaching its intended audience the mainstream company PR teams who are starting to experiment with blogging as a corporate communication tool.

ADDENDUM CORRECTION: The blog entry regarding sales of "Naked Conversations" was penned by Shel Israel (co-author), and not the-famous-one Robert.

(Sorry Shel)


Hi. Thanks for picking up on our ongoing naked Conversations story. Just so that people don't think Robert has taken to talking about himself in the third person, the post you cited is mine, not his. I am the co-author, frequently referred to as "the other guy."

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