Martin Varsavsky & Niklas Zennström Invest in Technorati
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martin varsavsky Martin Varsavsky, an entrepreneur's entrepreneur with an estimated fortune of over €300m, explains why he has invested in Technorati with Skype founder Niklas. He states in his spanish blog that:

... in my view, the most important feature of Technorati is the real time search. The PINGING concept. The great difference between Google and Technorati is not that Technorati finds blogs (Google's blogsearch does too, but not as well). The difference is in the search based on spiders used by Google, and the ping based search used by Technorati.

My contribution to Technorati is to get all the other sites, that are not blogs, start to notify Technorati each time they put new content on line, places like Charity sites, corporations, news sites, and search results will become more interesting still. [Free Translation]

Martin does not miss much; RSS and Pinging is one of the richer veins of growth in the tech arena.

His self-professed role as "Ping Ambassador" at Technorati is somewhat puzzling though. The web's RSS infrastructure is centered more round companies like David Winer's (now part of Verisign) and, than Technorati. Until recently Technorati used's ping server (RPC function). And, when it comes to promoting the next generation web infrastructure, the World Wide Web Consortium could certainly use Martin's help.

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